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  1. buddy1
    buddy1 washing hooks
    i might be interested in the TI2 without the transducer as i only need it for mapping, sell the ducer seperatly like Glennie mentioned
  2. washing hooks
    washing hooks
    Merry Xmas!!!
  3. Tikka-t3
    Tikka-t3 craigm
    Very interested in the shelter Glen 2047945364
    1. craigm
      Hi Glen - sorry, it is sold.
      Nov 19, 2021
  4. Abi
    I'm a part of an upcoming outdoor tradeshow and we want to know what you want to see. What's trending in the industry?
  5. Brandons
    anyone see any new g4 ice helix's in stock anywhere? either a 7 or a live imaging
  6. @outdoor_reels
    Let’s get’em!
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  7. Gord
    Welcome aboard Michael
    Thanks for letting me join.
    1. Ernie
      Welcome aboard.
      Mar 2, 2021
  9. Hassett
    Hassett amphib206
    I’m in st Clements. Just off Henderson hwy, half way between Lockport and the perimeter. I’m all over the city everyday. 2043911779 - Steve
  10. Little Spoon
    Little Spoon
    I miss nwo
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  11. Gord
    New Lowrance 20.0 update for LS TI2 and Carbon
  12. Gord
    I hate winter..Bah Humbug
  13. washing hooks
  14. ribbie
    Happy Canada Day
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  15. Andrew
    Iskwasum held a lot of eater sized walleye, numbers are there but no trophies. Big lakers tomorrow!
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  16. Gord
    Have fun Andrew
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  17. Andrew
    The walleye were biting on Simonhouse! Iskwasum tomorrow
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  18. Andrew
    Athapap today, simonhouse tomorrow - trying to go 4 lakes in 4 days!
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  19. Walter bychuk
    Walter bychuk
    Awesome fishing season a day away and I break my bloody foot....so depressing
  20. Little Spoon
    Little Spoon
    11 more days